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If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes we would save 5 million deaths in people who are alive today. It’s a massive potential public health prize.”
Professor John Britton – Professor of Epidemiology, Director of the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies, leader of the tobacco advisory group for the Royal College of Physicians.

Firstly, this website is not for anyone under 18, and not for anyone who currently doesn’t smoke or use ecigs.

Vape Location was launched in 2015 by former cigarette smokers who work in the technology industry, who are all very glad to leave the world of tobacco behind. Once we found the ecig that works for us, we have never smoked again, and we want you to join us.

We think ecigs are amazing, and frankly we were really into smoking, and if we can stop, so can you.

The primary goal of Vape Location is to help people who are currently smoking tobacco to use ecigs instead. There are currently 9 million smokers in the UK, and approximately 2 million ecig users. We sincerely hope these numbers will be reversed over the next decade.

We found when starting out in ecigs that it was a busy, complicated world, full of scrappy looking websites that promised a lot but didn’t always deliver.

We want to guide you in finding the best ecig for you, and once you’ve found it, find the best places where you can enjoy them, not get funny looks, and not get told off by a school prefect (and let’s face it, we never liked that).

Indeed, the fact that it isn’t clear where you can and can’t use ecigs is another reason we set this website up.

We hope you like it, and please don’t ever smoke a cigarette ever again.

We firmly believe that any beginner to the world of ecigs and vaping UK should get down to their nearest ecig shop and get advice on where to start. Most ecig websites will try and flog you something, but we strongly suggest that you don’t start online, but in a real ecig store. If the store is any good, they will be able to give useful advice and help you find your ‘brand.’ The world of cigarettes is relatively easy: everyone knows their favourite brand. The world of ecigs and vaping is bewildering. There is a huge range of devices, batteries, ‘tanks’ (the part of an ecig that contains the vaping liquid), liquids, nicotine strengths, flavours and all the rest. Get down to your local store and they will almost always help you test what’s available, in an effort to find what works best. We also like ecig stores because frankly we are bored of British high streets which are full of fast food chains, coffee shop chains (many of which have unfortunately banned ecigs and vaping), bookmakers, charity shops, shops that will kindly lend you money for 5000% APR, and yet more bookies just in case you haven’t lost enough money as it is. So ecig and vape shops are to be welcomed, and if you’re new to the game, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find a good one nearby. A place that can help and advise on something that may change – and possibly save – your life. There are plenty of places out there which will flog you an ecig, but we’re not listing them: newsagents, petrol stations, WH Smiths, and so on. And no chemists either – they will try and flog you smoking cessation products and all that other stuff that you’re probably already familiar with. No, we want you to find your ‘brand’, and quickly. And then we want you to go on using it, and to never smoke a cigarette ever again. The sight of people smoking in the street now depresses us. We want to go up and offer them a go on an ecig, and let them (hopefully) see the light. But they would think we were weirdoes and call the old bill. So we don’t. We want more ecig stores, all over, enabling people to discover a safer, cheaper, healthier alternative to deathsticks.

The data on the site has wherever possible been obtained from the websites of the locations concerned. While we have made every attempt to ensure the data is accurate, there is a large number of locations listed and some open and close down every day, the people who run them go off sick, and so on. So, especially if you are travelling a distance, contact them before setting off on any journey – most locations have a phone number listed.