Find a eCig store

We firmly believe that any beginner to the world of ecigs and vaping should get down to their nearest ecig shop and get advice on where to start. Most ecig websites will try and flog you something, but we strongly suggest that you don’t start online, but in a real ecig store.

We aim to carry details of every ecig and vape store in the UK, and you can help us ensure we have details of them all by suggesting a Vape Location.

We also aim ultimately to hold details of every location that allows and welcomes ecig and vape use in their locations. If you know of a good Vape Location near you, please tell us about it.

If the store is any good, they will be able to give useful advice and help you find your ‘brand.’ The world of cigarettes is relatively easy: everyone knows their favourite brand. The world of ecigs and vaping is bewildering. There is a huge range of devices, batteries, ‘tanks’ (the part of an ecig that contains the vaping liquid), liquids, nicotine strengths, flavours and all the rest.

Simply enter your town or postcode above, identify a local store, and get down to your local store and they will almost always help you test what’s available, in an effort to find what works best.

We also like ecig stores because frankly we are bored of British high streets which are full of fast food chains, coffee shop chains (many of which have unfortunately banned ecigs and vaping), bookmakers, blame-there’s-claim solicitors, charity shops, shops that will kindly lend you money for 5000% APR, and yet more bookies just in case you haven’t lost enough money as it is.

So ecig and vape shops are to be welcomed, and if you’re new to the game, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find a good one nearby. A place that can help and advise on something that may change – and possibly save – your life.

There are plenty of places out there which will flog you an ecig, but we’re not listing them: newsagents, petrol stations, WH Smiths, and so on. And no chemists either – they will try and flog you smoking cessation products and all that other stuff that you’re probably already familiar with.

No, we want you to find your ‘brand’, and quickly. And then we want you to go on using it, and to never smoke a cigarette ever again.

The sight of people smoking in the street now depresses us. We want to go up and offer them a go on an ecig, and let them (hopefully) see the light. But they would think we were weirdoes and call the old bill. So we don’t. We want more ecig stores, all over, enabling people to discover a safer, cheaper, healthier alternative to deathsticks.

The data on the site has wherever possible been verified on the websites of the locations concerned. While we have made every attempt to ensure the data is accurate, there are several hundred locations listed and a number open and close down every day, the people who run them go off sick, and so on. So, especially if you are travelling a distance, contact them before setting off on any journey – most locations have a phone number listed.

We also have verified wherever possible where locations allow ecigs and vaping. But please note that locations change hands and change their rules, so please be respectful of locations’ wishes in this regard: remember, although using ecigs and vaping is not ‘smoking’ as UK law defines it, all establishments have the right to enforce their own rules on this subject as in any other, and unfortunately many locations have banned their use. But many haven’t, and this site is going to help you find them.